Conference Producer

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  • Location: London
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Department: Production
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The production department is at the heart of the business, feeding every other department with critical information and strategy. We focus on broad and extensive market research, writing great conference agendas, securing industry-leading figures as speakers, writing great sales copy, and driving the whole project team.

The most important task of a Producer is to understand markets – all aspects of markets: who the buyers are, who the sellers are, how they interact with each other and what their biggest challenges are. They need to become truly plugged in to their industries and to develop strong relationships with the key players at a senior level.

We pride ourselves on being the best production team in the industry, recruiting bright and rising entrepreneurs with a real commercial edge who we can then coach and mentor into brilliant producers and managers, through structured training programmes. With most conference company CEOs coming from a production background, we rely on you to become the leaders of tomorrow.