If you thrive in an environment that is fast paced, that allows you ownership over projects, and gives you training, development and career progression, then WBR Singapore is the perfect place for you.

WBR Singapore is a growth business. We recruit people who are dynamic and ambitious. Each day is spent working out how we can grow the business, and grow the people within the business. What opportunities can we capitalize on, and how can we help our customers, our people and ourselves improve every day. What makes WBR Singapore such a special environment is our belief and commitment to training and development. Deep induction training sets the foundation for your technical ability to complete the job; on the ground coaching ingrains this training and external and periodic internal modules hone your skills, aligned with a personalised Development Plan. In addition you will be exposed to leadership & management training through external consultants. If you are looking for a career, not just a job, if you are open to rigorous training, if your personal beliefs match our core values, and if you enjoy taking risks and working in a fast paced environment, then WBR Singapore may be the perfect fit for you.

Current Singapore Jobs:

Job Title Status Department
Sales and Production Support Full Time Sales
Sales Representative (Salary plus Commission) Full Time Sales
Sponsorship Sales Executive Full Time Sales