Our business conferences are among the best industry events in the world!

WBR Toronto Division is a cohesive, structured and fun environment. Our sales floor is high energy, our reps work hard and reap the rewards. We need the right delegates to attend each conference, and you are in the enviable position of being the sales executive who makes the deal. If you are motivated by a limitless pay check; if bringing audiences of the most senior level business executives in the world together to solve their common challenges motivates you; if you enjoy climbing up a structured and sturdy ladder to business development and management positions while enjoying the perks along the way rings your bell – you would be in good company.


WBR is strengthening its commitment to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion and address structural inequality across its own business and its event communities. To read more about our priorities and goals when it comes to DE&I, follow this link.

Current Toronto Jobs:

Job Title Status Department
Inside Sales Representative Full Time Sales

I have worked for WBR for 20 years and have no desire to leave. This statement alone says it all within today’s environment. The company culture and support have provided so many opportunities for career advancement and professional growth. I still find my position as Senior Business Development Executive/ Project Leader, rewarding, this is due to the integrity of the product I sell and the thrill of the sale

Project Leader/ Delegate Registration Director

In March 2015 I was a stand-up comedian with years under my belt and then I was hired at WBR. Realizing being able to afford food is amazing and the incredible office atmosphere, I chose to move all my focus to succeeding as a sales person. It’s has been my first and only ‘real’ job. I had my first office meeting here, I’ve never cried on the way to work(a first for me!) and the team working around you is masterfully knowledgeable, always available to help and exceptional people to be around. WBR guided me to hone my comedic skills and have it be the sales trait that sets me apart from all other sales people. I’ve grown into the person I am today at WBR and I’m very proud to be this person. I volunteer my time when I can to causes I value. WBR gave me the stability and confidence to pursue these secondary projects. My next goals are to create programs within WBR to guide the new hires so I can be a small part of their journey to success and to push myself to find more time in the day pursue those secondary projects.

David Code Senior Registrations Manager